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Friday, April 28, 2006

Last night's practice talk

All my hubub about practice talks yesterday was because last night I gave a practice conference talk on different material for a conference I'm participating in next week. I was pretty nervous about it, mainly because my advisor was going to be there, and he had not actually heard or read anything from my dissertation yet. (busy professor, you know the drill)

In all it went very well, and I have a week to polish things up, so I'm hopeful about the conference. I've spoken at conferences before, but not actually about my dissertation, and not when I'm planning to be on the job market in just a few months. Even without those other factors, I'm a really nervous public speaker. So, I've been building up this next thing in my head for a while.

In other news, I just found out that I have finally passed through the last ridiculous hoop of flames-- eked my way through, really- and am officially (finally, finally,) ABD.

Still though, something to celebrate.

This weekend I have a very good friend in town for a conference, someone I love a lot and don't get to spend enough time with, so of course I am going to fly to the middle of nowhere tomorrow morning for a wedding Saturday afternoon. Sigh. No big deal- I expect it will be fun, and we are only away for about 30 hours so it shouldn't derail me from work too much. It's not that I would be working all of Saturday if we didn't go, more that the whole travel-see-family thing sometimes throws me off for a couple of days after returning.

It's a beautiful spring day and I am typing this outside- it's not very warm, but it's great to be able to watch the people go by after so many months of empty sidewalks.


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