Landing the Plane

The bottom line is, you've been flying for a while now, and your only job is to get the plane on the ground.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

100 Days

So the way I figure it, if I want to have any hope of finishing this program next year, and going on the job market this fall, the next 100 days (ie between Memorial Day and Labor Day, roughly) to do a huge amount of writing, and fill in with research along the way. Page-wise, I'm probably looking at about 100-200 pages by the end of August in order to feel like I stand a chance. If FDR could implement the entire New Deal, or most of it anyway, then I should be able to at least write down some stuff.

This is it. Time to bring "A game," separate the woman from the girls, and so on.

Oh yeah, it's also time to figure out what the fuck my dissertation is about. That too.


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