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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I blame the baby boomers (apologies to twisty)

Am I the only one who looks forward to a lifetime of nostalgic media about baby boomer experiences and wants to retch?

I mean really, individual beloved baby boomers in all of our lives aside, has there ever been a more annoying generation, when considered en masse? Sanctimoniously asserting that all groups to follow theirs are less free-thinking, more apathetic, and less radical while simultaneously selling out everthing they supposedly fought for is certainly pretty I alone here?

Did they not inherit a nation at the peak of its economic and cultural power, and then basically run it in to the ground, leaving us with more hoops to jump through in order to merely have the chance to fight over fewer jobs? Did they not stand behind reproductive choice until the moment they themselves became too old to conceive, and then abandon ship? Did they not legislate all meaning out of protest, and then persist in complaining that no one stands up for anything any more? Their parents begin to die out, and they advocate to abolish the estate tax.

I could go on and on, and I will.

Friends have called me jealous and petty (they aren't wrong here, but more on that later...) and they have told me that this obsession with the shortcomings of the baby boom generation is unbecoming and tedious. Turns out, I don't care. I am a woman obsessed.

I hereby present the inaugural post in an ongoing sporadic series dedicated to proving my thesis that baby boomers are to blame. This is a departure from landing the plane, but certainly it is a worthy one.


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