Landing the Plane

The bottom line is, you've been flying for a while now, and your only job is to get the plane on the ground.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

(wo)Man makes plans, God(dess) laughs

So, a month ago I cockily embarked upon the 100 days plan. And, considering everything, it hasn't been that bad in terms of progress. BUT, of course my hard drive and other computer parts decided it was time to crash and break. AND, of course the computer help I turned to was snarky, expensive and not that helpful. And one pesky familial entitity decided to let her proverbial hard drive crash, so there was also that to deal with.

Blah blah blah, long boring story, the point is NOW I have my computer back and operational, and thank goodness I didn't lose any dissertation, only teaching files and email caches (hence no post for so long, I couldn't find my login and password to save my life!) and I guess I shall have to RENEW my hundred days plan, only this time, I won't make any grand announcements. That's sure to jinx me. I should have known.


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