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Friday, July 07, 2006

Liars, Liars, tie-dyed pants on fire

It's long seemed strange to me that every fifty-something person you meet claims to have been in Memphis when Martin Luther King was shot, on their way to Woodstock when the police raided their cars, at Kent State when student demonstrators were shot, and in Watts as the masses chanted "burn, baby, burn."

I mean really, there is a Forrest Gump-like level of coincidence going on with nearly every one of these guys. Unless, of course, maybe, they're... a big bunch of LIARS!?!

Also, for a generation that prefaces every long-winded trip down memory lane with a self-satisfied "The sixties were so amazing, man, I only wish I could remember them..." they sure do have a lot of, well, long-winded rememberances.

Which is why I was delighted but not surprised when my good friend Springy sent me the link to this story in The Guardian reporting the results of a recent study about baby-boomer lies. Turns out, at least in Britain (and I would bet they lie even bigger on this side of the ocean,) "Parents who have been trying to impress their children have resorted to exaggeration and outright lies over what they did during the flower power decade. Claims of liberated teenage years at love-ins and being at live Beatles gigs have led to the coining of a new phrase - generational gazumping - to describe 50-somethings desperately trying to appear cool."

In fact, compared to every other generation surveyed, the baby boomers were the only group to play UP their teenage antics, with all other generational groups ashamedly playing down their participation in teenage fads. The baby boomers, however, were proud to lie to researchers about their drug use (they didn't do as much as they say they did) their brushes with fame (they never met Paul McCartney,) and their appearance at decade-defining events ("2% say they attended Live Aid. This would have meant more than a million people crammed into Wembley stadium.")



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